Create Virtual Samples from any Image on the Internet.

In effort to make creating Virtual Samples even easier for Promotional Product resellers, Technologo have developed Technologo Right Click as a tool that allows you to create Virtual Samples from almost any product image on the internet; even if the supplier isn’t using any Virtual Sample service.

Once the software is installed, a simple “right click” of an image on the internet will start creating your Virtual Sample. With RightClick, you will be able to use the revolutionary Logo Remover for those product images that are already imprinted, upload and store artwork, use advanced editing tools to ensure the logo looks just right, add text if needed, and then save the Virtual Sample to your computer and e-mail it to the client.


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Any logo on anything - instantly!

Auomatic Logo Placement lets you create
hundreds of virtual samples within seconds

Just Right Click and add logo